61. Evil Dead 2 (1987) - Found the beginning very confusing, like why is Ash acting like the events from the first movie never occurred. And why is is starting out like the first movie? Then I found out it was kinda like a remake in that way, which I found to be pointless. But once all that way out of the way, it got really good.

62. Pacific Rim (2013) - Awesome freakin movie! This is one example of CGI at it’s best. Everything was spot on and the action was just outstanding. The Kaijus and Jaegers were just beautiful. Thought the linking up was a wonderfully crafted idea. Dr. Geiszler and Dr. Gottlieb were my favorite characters, their back-and-forth banter was a scene stealer. Wish the Russian couple would have had more screen time. Also, delighted in seeing Ron Perlman once again. 

63. R.I.P.D. (2013) - Expected way more out of this movie and was disappointed. The same jokes were utilized over and over again and some of it I just didn’t quite understand the humor behind it.

64. Dawn of the Dead (1978) - In my opnion, this is nowhere near as good as Night of the Living Dead. I actually fell asleep watching it and I’m not sure I was awake for the ending.

65. Mimic (1997) - Being a big fan of Del Toro, and having recently watched and loved Pacific Rim, I decided to go back to some of his older films that I haven’t seen. This one was pretty good, nothing super special. But I did enjoy the bugs, I thought they looked awesome and were well crafted, the whole human face disguise is brilliant. I did like that the movie wasn’t afraid to go there (killing the kids) and it respectfully and accurately represents someone with autism.

56. A Monster in Paris (2011) - Wanted to see it in French but could only find the English version

57. Ice Age (2002) - Love the original, the sequels - not so much

58. Over The Hedge (2006) - Surprised myself at how much I liked this movie

59. Nosferatu (1922) - Still one of my favorite films, Max Shreck is amazing!

60. Spaceballs (1987) - Watched this movie a long time ago and didn’t like it, thought I’d rewatch it now to see if my opinions changed…nope, still don’t like it.

Sorry followers for falling so far behind. I recently moved and it took them almost a month to set up the internet at my new house. So, as you can expect, I’ve acquired quite a bit more movies to add to this list. With so many, I’ll probably just post a single note with several films listed.

55. Oz: The Great and Powerful (2013) - I hate when movies are overly CGIed!!!! It’s not the technology that bothers me, it can produce some truly awe-inspiring worlds and creatures straight out of your imagination and when done right, it can be spectacular. But it seems movies are relying on CGI more and more, to the point that everything besides the actors is CGI. And even then, I’m sure the actors get some CGI treatment as well to enhance the look of the character. Call me old fashioned but whatever happened to handmade props, talented make-up artists and engineering your monsters. Tim Burton freakin made the town of Sleepy Hollow for his film, and that includes the windmill. He MADE it! And what about Jaws and Jurassic Park and countless others. Part of the appeal, at least to me, was the fact that it’s real, it actually exists and the actors can actually react off of it, rather than just standing in front of a green screen. And to reintegrate, I don’t hate CGI in and of itself, only when it’s overused (this film, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, etc.) They all start looking the same at that point, it’s always the same bright, saturated colors with the whimsical little creatures or plant life. Even if it is beautiful and the creatures are interesting, it’s nothing new, it’s still just a glossy polish. Once you’ve seen one of these worlds, you’ve seen them all.

Also, I found Mila’s acting to not be that great. Especially when she’s supposed to be all upset and heartbroken; I didn’t believe it for one second. And Margret Hamilton will always be the best Wicked Witch of the West.

54. Monsters University (2013) - review coming soon…

53. Wreck-It Ralph (2012) - review coming soon…

52. Galaxy Quest (1999) - review coming soon…

51. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) - review coming soon…

50. The Purge (2013) - review coming soon…

49. Clue (1985) - Another one of my all time favorite movies. There are times where I’m literally crying from laughing so hard. It’s absolutely hilarious! I love the physical comedy and the zingy one-liners and the grammar jokes. Everybody is phenomenal! I particularly like Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn), Wadsworth (Tim Curry) and Mr Green (Michael McKean). <3 Most of my laughs comes from something they did or said. It’s a great movie to enjoy with friends - it’s fun, it’s campy and it’s outrageous. Plus it will leave you with some very quotable lines that you can annoy each with. Also, lots of great cleavage! :D